Welcome and Tip #1


Just like a toddler, your teen has emotions

that are percolating beneath the surface.

Too much heat and he'll blow!

My first tip would be to look in the mirror and see one of the biggest culprits to drama...

Your FACE!

Research has show that tweens and teens lose the ability to correctly read emotions.

As a result, your teen will mistake a furrowed brow as anger. That's when eye rolls and tears start to flow.

All learning is processed through the emotional side of the brain before it can be processed for learning.

Keeping your face in check during homework time is key!

Michelle Icard gave the best advice for parents to keep their cool, use the Botox Brow method.

Before stepping in to help with math, make sure you've got your botox brow in check.

No matter what!

I know that this new math can be frustrating. It's a real struggle to remember how you did it,

let alone learn these new concepts.

And where the flip are the textbooks?!

Ok, calm back down. Botox brow yourself before your emotions boil over.

Do It Now:

Grab a mirror or turn your camera on selfie mode and watch yourself make a confused look. Now try the botox brow.

Try to naturally make your eye brow smooth. Relax your mouth.

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