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Multisensory math assessments for solo tutoring students.

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Ruth Bakken
Ruth Bakken

RUTH has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and extensive experience as an autism specialist working with students ages 2 – 6. During this time, she worked tirelessly on developing treatment plans and IEP’s for her students. Currently, she assists families in learning how to develop applied behavioral analysis plans to meet their child’s needs in the home.

She’s a mother to 5 children, 2 of which have dyslexia and ADHD. Ruth brings a unique knowledge, perspective, and experience in the IEP/504 process as both a parent and educator. Ruth’s goal is to empower parents in their role as the advocate for their children and help those children gain confidence and knowledge in math.

Multisensory Math Tutoring

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the assessment start and finish?
The assessment will take place somewhere within the next two weeks. After you purchase, you'll be taken to a page to fill out information and then schedule your assessment with Ruth.
What if my child has attentional or processing issues?
We understand! We start with a one-hour session and then add additional sessions to match the needs of the student.
How will I receive the results of the assessment?
After all assessments are done, you'll meet with Ruth to go over the results. Tutoring will not begin until you finish the assessment.

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